Teens: Secrets of Cybersecurity Class Begins 9/27. Enroll Now.

4.4 billion people had personal data stolen in just 3 of the top data breeches! Cyber-viruses crippled and compromised major businesses. These are some of the reasons the Cybersecurity industry is in high demand, with a job growth of 40% per year and starting salaries in excess of $100,000!

In this class, teens are introduced to the field Cybersecurity by examining the devices and apps that they use everyday. How secure are TikTok, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook? What does it mean to be catfished, ghosted, or cyberbullied over social media, and how can you be sure who you are chatting with? How safe are your passwords, and is your computer virus protection strong enough? The class is designed to give teens the knowledge they need to protect their digital identities and devices from increasingly sophisticated attacks and scams. Students will examine real-life user experiences and case studies throughhands-on projects and simulations. Take this class to get ready for Ethical Hacking second semester! Secrets of Cybersecurity is taught by Northern Virginia Community College professor and cybersecurity professional, Alex Seminario.

Secrets of Cybersecurity meets on Mondays from 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm starting September 27. This is a semester-long (11 week) class for students in 9th-12th.

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