Featured Class: Mission Possible Returns to Compass!

One day your greatest responsibility is feeding the family dog. The next day, the fate of a new nation is in your hands!

This is Mission Possible! You and a small team of classmates will be challenged to run a new nation: making decisions on its economy, technology, agriculture, education, welfare, education, natural resources, leadership, and defense. You will forge alliances and treaties with other nations. Just when you think your country is running well, disaster strikes- is it a famine, a flood, a recession…or something more sinister? As the leaders, you must decide how to navigate the ups and downs and guide your nation to peace and prosperity.

Mission Possible: Global Solutions is an interactive, semester-long course in which high school students engage in a simulation game to develop critical thinking skills, negotiation techniques, and problem solving strategies. Working individually and in teams, teens will decide when to cooperate and when to compete, when to bargain and when to take a stand, how systems are interrelated, and how to adjust to life’s surprises. Teens will gain out-of-the-box thinking and scenario-based planning about world problems in this unique class that blends political science, international affairs, and leadership thinking. The simulation is different every time!

Mission Possible: Global Solutions 2025 meets on Fridays at Compass from 12:00 pm – 12:55 pm starting January 24. This class is for 9th-12th grade students, but motivated, engaged 8th graders are welcome to enroll. Register online for this class and others starting Tuesday!