Don’t Miss: Compass Summer Workshops, Week of July 17:

Spice up your kids’ break with fun, Summer Workshops at Compass. Sneak in some summer learning with creative, interactive short sessions. Most workshops are one or two half-day programs that families can fit in and among other summer plans. Check out the workshops planned for the week of July 17:

Click on the workshop links for days, times, detailed description and registration shortcut. Sign up now- spaces are limited!

Students who are homeschooled, soon-to-be homeschooled, former Compass students, and those who attend conventional or virtual school settings are welcome to enroll in Summer Workshops. Several workshops are part of a multi-week series with the same name (^), but each week is unique and registration is by single-session so families can mix-and-match.

For those who received the Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant, all of the above workshops qualify to be paid with grant funds. Remember, you must spend $750 per child by September 1, or you will forfeit the second half of the grant. Read the Compass webpage on how to use these grants for Compass workshops, classes, or private tutoring.