Don’t Forget to Teach Technology!

Technology is an essential skill that should be taught right alongside math and English to prepare kids for educations and careers in our high tech world! Compass has coding and programming classes for all ages to help you teach technology! Don’t overlook these 21st century skills in your child’s homeschool education! Spaces remain in several tech classes for fall. Register today for:

  • Robotics Tech Challenge: Mars Rover (8th-12th grade)
  • Website Development I: Visual Design (8th-12th grade)
  • Code for a Cause: Technovation Team for Girls (6th-8th grade)
  • Coding Lab: Video Game Design (6th-8th grade)
  • Coding Studio: Interactive Electronics (4th-5th grade)
  • Coding Club: Animations & Games (2nd-3rd grade)- FULL
  • Engineering Workshop: Electronics- Circuit Basics (7th-8th grade)- FULL
  • Coding and robotics help kids with logic and reasoning as they learn to break a problem down into smaller parts- a skill that is helpful in all areas of life! Technology classes can be for anyone- not just STEM-focused kids. Kids who enjoy music, math, writing, art, and languages can all succeed in coding because of the logic, patterns, and creativity in the field. Kids are drawn to screens and easily embrace new technology; coding and robotics is an extension of what they already use and play with. These skills will lay the foundation for successfully navigating or working in a high tech economy someday!