Does Your Child Struggle to Remember Math Facts?

Does your child struggle to remember his basic math facts? Does she make errors on simple problems because she doesn’t remember math rules? All math down the road will be more difficult for a child who has not learned the facts! Forgo the fight over multi-digit multiplication, long division, decimals, fractions, pre-algebra and beyond when you just get the basic math facts down. Your child will move through math with more confidence once he/she knows her the basics! Math facts are to arithmetic as phonics are to reading!

Math Fact Foundations
is a new Compass class to help build number sense and fact fluency for students in 3rd-5th grade. Creative strategies and games will be used to cement the math facts in addition (quarter 1), subtraction (quarter 2), multiplication (quarter 3), and division (quarter 4). Students will enjoy take-home math games that they will repeat and play home. Math Fact Foundations: Addition will meet at 10am on Wednesdays starting September 11. Register online today!