Compass News & Announcements: Week of October 10-14

Reminder: Next week (Oct 17-21) is the last week for most 1st quarter classes. Watch for emails about classes that have a make-up session or additional class meeting.

(1) Registration for 2nd quarter classes is ongoing! Most 2nd quarter classes begin the week of October 24. The 10% early registration discount ends this Friday, October 15. Look for available classes HERE.

(2) Fall Pictures: “School pictures” will be taken at Compass next week, October 17-21, by photographer Angela Goodhart of Goodhart Photography. Sign-ups were 93% full, so additional time slots have been added on four afternoons. Compass families should check their e-mails for the links to the SignUp Genius pages to sign up for photos. There is no sitting fee or prepayment. Families will receive links to secure online galleries to view photo proofs.

(3) First Aid/CPR Workshop: Teens/adults ages 14+ can earn four American Heart Association certifications (First Aid, Adult CPR, Child CPR, and Infant CPR) in a two-afternoon workshop that meets on 11/7/22 and 11/14/22 from 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm. More details and registration HERE.

(4) Math Kangaroo: Compass is a test site for the annual Math Kangaroo competition! Math Kangaroo is an international contest held March 16, 2023. Students in K-12th take a 75 min test with fun and interesting math challenge questions. Register by December 15 through the Math Kangaroo USA website HERE. Search by state to find the 3 test times offered at Compass.

(5) Name-A-Planet: The Compass Planetary Science class is participating in the international competition, NameExoWorlds 2022, to name a newly discovered exoplanet and its star. The class is seeking submissions of name ideas from other Compass students and the community through the class webpage. Learn more HERE.

(6) AMC Math Competitions: Compass is a test site for two upcoming Mathematical Association of America contests. The AMC10 exam will be administered on Wednesday, November 16, from 4:30 pm- 6:00 pm. The AMC8 will be administered on Thursday, January 19, from 3:30 pm- 4:10 pm. The tests promote problem-solving skills through challenge problems for middle school math (AMC8) and high school math through grade 10 (AMC10). Register on the Activity Fees webpage HERE.

(7) Costumes: Students may wear costumes to class October 24-31, if desired, and subject to the Costume Guidelines* below. Students in costume may stop by the front desk for a photo and a prize from a prize bin.

(8) Parents Facebook Group: Parents are invited to join the Compass Parents Facebook group to plan meet-ups, carpools, parent proxies, and to share information about outside classes, field trips, and other activities you are involved in.

(9) Lost & Found: The lost and found cabinet is overflowing with water bottles, jackets, and miscellaneous items. Please look at the attached phot of lost items and plan to pick them up by Friday, October 22. Items not claimed at the end of first quarter will be donated to charity.

(10) Compass Hours: Reminder and clarification about Compass hours: The buildings open at 9:30 am for teacher set-up, parents who arrive early to wait quietly with their children, teens with teen forms on file, and/or the 9:30am Friday biology class. Parents may not drop children (under age 13) off before 9:50 am. Parents are expected to pick their children up promptly at the end of their scheduled class or club. Just because other, later activities may be taking place in the building does not mean a child may be left unattended to wait for pick-up. (For example, if a child’s class ends at 2:55 pm, he/she is expected to be picked up at 2:55 pm even if there is some other club or activity that meets until 4:00 pm.) Compass staff have responsibilities for cleaning up, setting up, and closing the buildings, and cannot supervise children who are left sitting and waiting for their rides. Pick-up is expected promptly at the end of the child’s last class or club.

(11) Compass Phone Number: Remember to add the Compass phone number to your phone contact list so you recognize the number if we need to call you: 703-539-5075. The hours for the Compass phone number are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri. Outside of these hours, please leave a voicemail with your questions.

(12) Headphones: Students, parents, siblings, and guests are reminded that they must use headphones or ear buds if they are using an electronic device while waiting at Compass. Please use headphones for music, videos, games, online classes, or virtual meetings. Ear buds and head phones may not be worn in class.  

*Costume Guidelines:

  • No excessive, realistic blood and gore that would scare our youngest students
  • No costumes that are skimpy/revealing and violate the regular Compass dress policy regarding modesty and appropriate coverage.
  • No costumes that would interfere with what a child needs to do in class (for example: furry claw gloves in art class or a full face mask in lab.)
  • No costumes that “shed” or drop glitter, sequins, feathers, etc.
  • No oversized costumes (for example: inflatables, washer boxes, or trash cans)
  • For students in cooking classes, no capes, long droopy sleeves, long wigs or similar that could get into food
  • Compass is not responsible for costumes damaged during class or play or for accessories that are left behind
  • Use good judgement
1st Quarter Found Items: Claim at Front Desk