Compass Classes Begin in 6 Weeks; Look What is Still Open!

Compass classes begin 6 weeks from today! There is still plenty of summer fun ahead, but the fall homeschooling season will be here before you know it. This is a great time to select some classes and start to build your family’s fall homeschool plan. More than 40, or half, of 1st quarter Compass  classes still have openings for fall! Compass offers enrichment classes for homeschooled students in K-12th grade including all-new offerings for high school students. Registration is an a-la-carte, mix-n-match menu for quarter- (7 week) or semester- long (14 week) classes. Classes are held on Wednesday and Friday in Oakton starting September 9.

Browse through our original, experiential class options. Open classes include:




  •  3D History: Allied Invasion of Europe: D-Day, Pointe du Hoc
  • Active Chemistry: Matter & the Elements
  • Algebra I with the Art of Problem Solving
  • Algebra II with the Art of Problem Solving
  • Arguing Your Case: Structuring Logical Debate
  • Historical Illuminations: Rome’s Military Machine through the Age of Arthur
  • First Amendment Law: Analysis and Application
  • Information Master: High School Research Fundamentals 1
  • Intro to Literary Criticism: Writing About Film
  • SAT Math Skills & Strategies
  • Supreme Court 101: Inside the Highest Court


  •  Acting Out Stories: Phenomenal All New Folk Tales
  • Acting Transformations: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Acting Unscripted: Wednesday Afternoon Live!
  • Public Speaking: The Art of Storytelling
  • Stage Combat Skills: Fantastic Fisticuffs (Unarmed Combat)
  • Stage Combat Technique: Getting It Right- Practice, Precision, and Perfection


  •  Art: Drawing Essentials
  • Drum Jam with Kofi: Beginning Rhythms
  • Music-Makers- Rhythms
  • The Total Musical Performer: Songs from Stage and Screen


  • Aerospace Engineering Challenges
  • App Invention for Android: Games
  • Design Your Own Video Games: Mazes
  • FUNdamentals of Engineering with LEGO 1
  • Living World: Plants & Animals
  • Math Masterminds: Geometry Challenges
  • Prototype Jr. 3D Printing Design Lab
  • Real Life Math: Fractions, Rates & Ratios


  • Arabic for Little Kids
  • Arabic in Action
  • ASL (American Sign Language) for Everyone
  • French for Beginners
  • French for Fun
  • Latin for Learning Language: Even More Mythology
  • Mandarin for Advanced Beginners


  •  Chess: Beginners 1
  • Chess: Advanced Beginners 1
  • Chess: Intermediate Drop-In Club
  • Cooking for Little Kids: Fusion Fare
  • RunFit Kidz: Train for 5K Fun Run