Introducing: WWII in the Pacific Virtual Series

Kamikaze attacks. Island hopping. Incendiary raids. Discover WWII in the Pacific through online field trips and interactive presentations given by educators and docents at museums and historic sites around the country in this curated* virtual series.

Join us as we examine the war with Japan through 7 engaging programs offered by 6 specialty museums. Criss-cross the country from the comfort of your own home to explore the WWII Museum (New Orleans); The National Museum of the Marine Corps (Quantico, VA), The Museum of Aviation (Robins AFB, GA); The Battleship IOWA Museum (Los Angeles); The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (New York, NY); and The National Museum of the Pacific War (Fredericksburg, TX). Programs include:

  • 2/23/2021: “A Day of Infamy: The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor” (WWII Museum)
  • 3/2/2021: “USMC in the Pacific” (National Museum of the Marine Corps)
  • 3/9/2021: “I AM an American! Japanese American Internment in WWII” (WWII Museum)
  • 3/16/2021: “Virtual Tour of WWII Hangar” (Museum of Aviation)
  • 3/23/2021: “Iowa in WWII” (Battleship Iowa Museum)
  • 3/30/2021: “Intrepid in the Pacific” (Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum)
  • 4/6/2021: “Island Hopping through the Museum” (National Museum of the Pacific War)
  • Register HERE for the WWII in the Pacific virtual series.

    All programs begin at 3:00 PM EST/EDT on Tuesdays with the exception of The Museum of Aviation program (3/16/21) which begins at 2:30 PM. Participants will be e-mailed a Zoom link prior to each session. The registration fee is per family, not per student. The program is geared for 9th-12th grade students, but younger students may participate if they can remain on topic. Parents are welcome to participate alongside their teens.

    *What is a curated virtual series? Compass has researched the distance learning options offered by museums and historic sites around the country in order to schedule and package synchronous, virtual class workshops and field trips around a central topic. Use these curated programs to enhance a subject you have worked on this year or to introduce a new unit study. The programs are all offered as “classroom” experiences meaning a group registration is needed to access the opportunity. Almost all sessions are synchronous, live presentations with a museum educator or docent who can answer participants’ specific questions real-time.