After School Classes at Compass this Fall

NEW! This fall Compass is offering several after school classes for our friends who are heading to school. After school classes are all taught by the same great Compass teachers we enjoy during the day. If your children will be homeschooled next year, check out the extensive line up of daytime classes, and please share the after school opportunities with your friends and neighbors.


3:30 PM: Dissection Lab: Anatomy: Organ Systems (8th-10th grade)

4:30 PM: Mosaic Masterpieces Open Studio (6th-8th grade)

5:00 PM: AP Biology Bootcamp: Practicum and Test Prep (10th-12th grade)


3:00 PM Crafty Kids Club (2nd-5th grade)

4:30 PM Beginner ‘Bots: Animated Animals (2nd-3rd grade)


4:30 PM Robot Fab Lab: Robotic Arms (5th-6th grade)


4:00 PM: Video Game Developer- 3D (9th-12th grade)

4:30 PM: Cooking for Kids: Fall Fare with Flair (4th-6th grade)

4:30 PM: FUNdamentals of Engineering with LEGO: Behemoth Builds (3rd-5th grade)


9:00 AM: Cooking for Kids: Fall Fare with Flair (4th-6th grade)