Garden Gala: Compass Prom 2023

Event Information Page

The Garden Gala prom committee invites Compass teens to gather for an elegant evening in nearby Reston. The prom will be held in a spacious country club with expansive deck overlooking a lush golf course. Prom-goers will enjoy catered fare, mocktails, music, games, and opportunities to dance and socialize. Details are below. Parents and teens are expected to read all details before registering. Registration will imply acceptance of prom guidelines and all other Compass policies.

  • Date: Saturday, May 6, 2023
  • Time: 7:00 pm- 10:00 pm
  • Location: Hidden Creek Country Club
  • Address: 1711 Clubhouse Road, Reston, VA 20190
  • Invitees: Compass students ages 14+


Compass students may bring one guest (+1), also age 14+. Compass students should register and pay for their guests at the same time, in the same registration transaction as their own registration. All guests are subject to all Compass rules including conduct and dress code. Students are absolutely welcome to come to the prom solo, as there is no requirement or expectation to have a date or a guest.


Tickets are on sale on the Activity Fees webpage of the Compass website. Early bird pricing of $25.00 is valid from April 10-14. Regular pricing of $30.00 is valid from April 15-25. Late pricing of $45.00 is valid from April 26-May 4. Absolutely no additional registrations can be accepted after May 4.


Prom attire is formal which typically means floor-length or cocktail length dresses and suits or tuxedos.

Skirts + blouses, skirts + sweaters, sundresses, casual dresses, khaki pants + blazers, khaki pants + button-down shirts, kilts, jeans of any type, t-shirts of any type, or shorts are NOT formal attire, and should not be worn. This is not an event for costumes.

Students’ formal attire should not have deeply cut or revealing necklines. Two-piece, midriff-bearing formals, or any garments with flesh-revealing cut-outs should not be worn. Cocktail-style dresses must be no shorter than finger-tip length. All undergarments must be covered. Per the Compass standard dress code, if a garment must be pulled up, pulled down, or frequently adjusted to provide proper coverage, it is not a good choice for this event.


Prom dinner will consist of catered hors d’oeuvres including mini vegetarian quesadillas, mini chicken quesadillas, spanikopita, vegetarian egg rolls, chicken kabobs, mini pizzas, beef sliders, charcuterie tray (fruit, cheese, meat, crackers), vegetable tray with ranch dip. There will also be a dessert station and non-alcoholic drink station with iced tea, lemonade, mocktails, and water.


Parents should plan to drop off and pick up their teens or arrange a carpool to and from the prom. Because the country club is located at the back of a parking lot, at the end of a dead-end street, Uber and Lyft drivers often get lost or simply do not show up to the location, particularly after dark. We do not want any teens to be stranded without a ride home, so please make plans other than a paid ride share. If your teen needs a ride to or from the prom OR you are willing to drive another teen, please fill out this FORM. Those needing rides can continue to check the list to look for a match from someone nearby.


The prom committee invites attendees to make REQUESTS for songs for the prom playlist. Please add up to 3 favorites HERE. Requests cannot be accommodated the night of the prom. All requests will be considered, but there is no guarantee your song(s) will be included.


All Compass policies for appropriate behavior including bullying, use of profanity, and public displays of affection are in effect for the prom even though it is held at an off-site location.

Parent Volunteers:

Several parents are needed to help with setting up, chaperoning, and cleaning up after the prom. Set-up will be mostly decorating tasks since we have only 90 minutes immediately before the prom to complete decor (when most teens will be getting themselves ready.) During the event, parent volunteers will be asked to watch key areas such as the outdoor deck, the lobby, and the event space to ensure a safe and positive event for all. Clean-up will consist largely of taking down decorations. Preference is given to parents who have not volunteered at a Compass teen party. Parent volunteers are asked to sign up through Sign-Up Genius HERE.

The prom cannot be held without this support. If we do not get enough parent help, Compass will have to assess each attendee an additional fee of $15.00-$20.00 for paid staff.


Parents who will be driving some distance or are not familiar with the area may enjoy spending time in Reston Town Center, just minutes from the prom location. There, parents will find a variety of shops, and restaurants and after a parents’ night out, can pick up their prom-goers.