Compass Comics Club

The Compass Comics Club is a student-led, parent-moderated club for homeschooled teens ages 13+. The Comics Club meets every Friday afternoon from 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm at Compass.

The club holds group discussions about comic book artwork, general ideas, historical references, storylines, and themes. The primary focus is comic books from the “Big Two” comic book corporations (DC and Marvel) as the characters and storylines of these two creators are the best known to comic book fans. The group also welcomes discussions on lesser known comic book producers, graphic novels, manga/manhwa, and web-based comics. Club members are invited to discuss some of the ancillary media that is directly representative of comic book characters and/or storylines such as movies, television programs, and video games. Each meeting will include approximately 30 minutes of discussion about new releases or material members have recently read and 30 minutes of a topic-based discussion about artwork, characters, history, themes, storylines of interest, and any/all things comic book related.  Special topics will be voted upon the week before, and members will be asked to take the lead on the featured weekly topic. Teens who are new to comics are also welcome.

The club will hold a movie night at the end of each quarter and will critique a popular film derived from a comic or graphic novel and compare and contrast it to its source material. Members are also invited to bring physical comics to trade with one another (no monetary sales permitted.) 

Participants are asked to sign-up for the Comics Club on the Compass Activities Page. There is no cost for Compass students to join. Non-Compass students must pay a $15.00 facilities/activity fee.