Student Art Show

Compass students are invited to showcase their artistic talents in a fun, social, community evening! The annual Art & Variety Show is held during the winter quarter each year. The atrium is converted to an art gallery for students whose talents are in the visual arts. Students are invited to exhibit up to three (3) pieces of art. Art can be 2-dimensional works (paintings, pastels, photography, mixed media, drawings in charcoal, colored pencil, marker, pen/ink, comics, caricatures, print-making, collage, rubbings, hand-made paper) or 3-dimensional works (sculpture, pottery, paper mache, masks, wood crafts, hand-made basketry, mosaics, ceramics, decoupage, stained glass, stuffed creations, or fiber art such as needlepoint, cross stitch, sewing, quilting, or weaving). Lego creations and dioramas can be exhibited as 3D art. Visual art does not need to have been created in a Compass class- it can be made at home, in another program, or at a studio.

Starting in winter 2020, art exhibitors can elect to have their works reviewed by a panel of Compass art instructors. Among the judged works, 10-12 ribbons will be awarded for best in show, but will not be leveled by first, second, third place, etc. As part of the evening program, Compass art instructors will comment on the attributes of the recognized pieces.

The art show is for students who are currently enrolled in Compass classes. A link to sign up for the art show will be sent to registered winter quarter students in early January. Additional details for artists are below:

  • Exhibitor Details
    The art show is held from 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm on a Tuesday evening in the winter quarter before the talent show.

    All pieces must be submitted no later than the Friday before the art show. Organizers cannot accept pieces on the day of the exhibit!

    Flat work must be submitted with paperboard mats or mounted to foam core so they are stiff enough to hang. Compass has a selection of pre-cut mats that can be borrowed. Mats will be available at the front desk two weeks before the art show- bring your child’s pieces in to see if they fit. Otherwise, low-cost precut mats can be found at craft stores such as Michaels, Walmart, or AC Moore. Families are welcome to cut their own mats from posterboard or mat board sheet or to surface mount to foam core. Foam core is sold for about $1.00 per sheet.

    Please do not bring works in frames or behind glass. These are too heavy to be hung.

    Fragile Items
    If you are bringing 3D work that is breakable (glass, mosaic, ceramic, etc), please bring it wrapped in bubble wrap, packing paper, or other protective covering.

    Items will be hung with clips, non-residue tape, or have edges supported by push pins (avoiding puncturing the artwork).

    Please make sure that the following information is on the back or temporarily attached to each piece that you turn in:
    -child’s name
    -child’s age
    -medium used (colored pencils, charcoal, water color, etc.)
    -if the item was created in a Compass class
    -if the child wishes to have the piece judged

    Please do not include the above information on the front of the piece. Compass will prepare standard exhibit tags with this information.

    Exhibitors are asked to pick their art pieces up after the talent show, around 9:00 pm.